What Influences Our Design Philosophy, And What It Means For Our Products

Our style is A mash-up of Northeast PENNSYLVANIA'S relaxed vibe and 1950's Southern CaliforniaN post-war modernism.

With product lines that range from vintage Pyrex to playing cards, we are attempting to re-define the look and lifestyle of today's eclectic tastes with a design amalgam that combines visual simplicity, Bauhaus, and atomic-age design, with a touch of nature.

The fresh, colorful sensibilities reflect the clean lines and gentle organic curves found in mid-century modern style, and its timeless qualities continue to influence both architecture and home décor over 50 years later. Our approach to interior décor and tone has been influenced by design giants like Eero Saarinen, Charles Eames, and Richard Neutra, among others. What makes our brand unique is our blend with the relaxed, rural vibe of Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountain region.

Our team is constantly researching this design period to find new and distinctive ways of putting a fresh design spin on products and goods, in order to make living spaces more lively and welcoming. Growing up, our founder, Kraig, never wanted to own a lot of things; he wanted to have fewer things of better quality. Today, he also recognizes the importance of value and offering good design within reach of everyone.

The origins of our brand can be traced back to Kraig's professional training in residential architecture and the belief that ordinary materials can be elevated into extraordinary things through craft and inspiration. He began designing and developing affordable modern residences and furniture around an architectural language of simplicity and efficiency, reducing operating and maintenance costs, while still creating beautiful living spaces. Using sound planning principles and environmentally conscious materials, we constructed houses that respect the natural environment surrounding them.

From this legacy of design purity and organic form, our line of home accessories and products was established in 2011. Many of our accessories and décor were born of a mid-century ethos and began with photographic imagery. We developed prototypes and samples, and once people saw them, they began asking, "Where can I get these?" We quickly realized that there could be a significant market for products inspired by our mash-up of styles, and Pocono Modern was born.

Our products include artwork, framed prints, playing cards, totes, small goods, wearables and more. Our card decks are highly rated and receive accolades from playing card collectors. The Pyrex collection features posters as well as calendars and recipe cards. The wearables line features t-shirts that celebrate NY, NJ, and PA in bold capital letters, with other states coming soon. We also reproduce prints from our extensive collection of vintage 35mm slides, capturing iconic moments of the mid-century modern era- they make great gifts and decorative items! Much more is in the works, including more wearables, wall décor, and ven a backgammon game. All of our products and accessories are made in the USA.